Scott Roberts

As the Travel & Events Coordinator for the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada, Scott is responsible for facilitating the travel, accommodations and venue requirements for meetings attended by ITAC employees, Board Directors and partners.

In addition to administering an effective travel policy for the organization, Scott is tasked with overseeing efficiencies associated with ITAC’s travel agency partner, who are also selling Indigenous experience packages for ITAC. Along with ITAC staff, Scott plays a key role in facilitating the annual International Indigenous Tourism Conference, including vendor negotiations, delegate registration and program operations.

Over his 30 plus years within the travel and hospitality industry, Scott has held senior positions among airlines, hotels and tourism related companies across Canada. In addition to his role at ITAC, Scott is currently working with select Indigenous communities in BC, assisting with the professional development of tourism and hospitality business initiatives. A resident of North Vancouver, Scott and his wife are avid travelers and enjoy the outdoors.


  • Wednesday, October 31 - 2:00pm

    Breakout Session: Growing Your Business