Christa Bruneau-Guenther

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, proud member of Peguis First Nation, owner of Feast Cafe Bistro serving modern dishes rooted in traditional First Nation foods. Christa has spent over 15 years refining her cooking skills while expanding her knowledge of Indigenous foods and culture. Her creativity and passion also stems from traditional gardening, teaching and cooking for family and friends. Christa’s humble beginnings along with her life’s journey has taught her that entrepreneurship brings opportunities to give back to the community, which remains an
important priority to her and her family.

In 2001 she opened Running Bear Daycare, voted as one of the top daycares of its kind by the Manitoba Childcare Association with its unique services and holistic grass roots program. Recognizing a need for quality childcare in the inner city of Winnipeg, the daycare was designed to also serve Indigenous and lower income families. Some children required specific care with mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health-related issues. The daycare also worked with the parents offering mentorship, resources, traditional cooking/lifeskill tips, recipe sharing, and guidance in effective parenting, health, and lifestyle.

It was during these years while witnessing the impact traditional foods and cultural practices had on overall health that Christa’s passion and knowledge for re-connecting to her First Nation culture through food sparked, culminating into Feast Cafe Bistro. Feast Cafe Bistro opened in 2015, with a menu consisting of Christa’s humble home cooked recipes with a focus on local traditional ingredients and has become a favourite among our local
communities, fellow Canadians and to people from around the world! Feast prides itself on providing job opportunities, mentorship, and work experience for many, including those with barriers to employment and will continue to strive and remain a pillar in our community!


  • Tuesday, October 30 - 3:30pm

    Panel Discussion: Developing Culinary Tourism

    Indigenous cuisine is a part of a travel experience - tasting the flavours of the local place and connecting with the people who prepare it. ITAC is leading a project to develop a National Indigenous Culinary Tourism strategy. This session will highlight project milestones so far, and share food stories from chefs across the country.