Charlie Sark

Charlie was raised in a Mi’kmaq leadership family on Epekwetk (PEI), and he is member of the Mi’kam’ik Nation (North Eastern North America). Since he was a child, he has been involved in the tourism industry and has been transitioning into ownership and management of the family businesses – a retail art store, ceramics studio and food (growing) empire. Charlie was a founding ITAC board member (representing PEI), and has served on numerous local, regional and national tourism groups. As a member of the provincial advisory group, Charlie participated in the writing of PEI’s most recent tourism strategy.

At ITAC, Charlie supports the development of strategic partnerships, and the development of an Indigenous culinary and food tourism strategy. As a Chef in training, Charlie continues to carve out time to be in the kitchen. He also finds time to weave ash, a traditional art form passed onto him by his late father, Chief Charlie H Sark.


  • Tuesday, October 30 - 3:30pm

    Panel Discussion: Developing Culinary Tourism

    Indigenous cuisine is a part of a travel experience - tasting the flavours of the local place and connecting with the people who prepare it. ITAC is leading a project to develop a National Indigenous Culinary Tourism strategy. This session will highlight project milestones so far, and share food stories from chefs across the country.