About the IITC 2018 Logo


International Indigenous Tourism Conference 2018 Logo


The inspiration for the IITC 2018 logo comes from Reconciliation Saskatoon – a community of 98 organizations, non-profits, businesses, faith-communities and partners who have come together to initiate a citywide conversation about reconciliation and provide opportunities for everyone to engage in Calls to Action.

The logo tells a story that supports the conference theme “The Indigenous Tourism Economy:  Learning together and sharing our stories.”

About the logo:

  • The star shape represents a journey and comfort
  • The flower shape represents new growth
  • The colours of the logo represent the four directions, the four seasons and the four colours of man
  • The individual shapes gather together to create one shape
  • The continuous line represents working together to grow Indigenous tourism
  • The circle in the centre represents a place for dialogue and sharing stories